Style in Style | Jake Davis's Test Shot of Secret Forts' James Wilson

My good friend and inspiration was featured in the long running Test Shots series by Jake Davis. He is one gentleman who runs with his own pack. Just take it from Jake Davis himelf...

"It's the ones that talk the least that often have the most to say. If you understand that paradox then you understand the world of of Secret Forts. I've wanted to shoot my buddy and creator James Wilson for a while now. Kindred if you will, like most of us who are searching for that perfect object, word, or moving image to capture our emotions. As we look for an explanation of the things we know, love, and can't seem to live without his playground is always a destination of discovery.

I'm excited to show you James in the Test Shot style. A great subtlety in his wardrobe and speech. I also love his color combination of blue and tan. Here's a look at the Undefeated x K-Swiss collabos in the final tan colorway. And you know I had to highlight the infamous blown out crotch. Please enjoy some daily inspiration courtesy of our homie James Wilson..."

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