A Coastal Caravan Commodity | OTP x Ace Hotel x Tanner Goods

Being on the East Coast at the moment means that I was not able to enjoy the wonder that was the One Trip Pass + Ace Hotel Coastal Caravan that happened at the end of last month.  So, I am left with discovering items from the event as they happen to appear at the Ace Hotel or online somewhere and this is definitely one of my favorites.  The tattoos that adorn the body of Jay Carroll have been slowly but surely popping off his skin and appearing in some rather unusual mediums lately.  One Trip Pass has commissioned (collaborated with...it's up to you what you call it) Portland, OR's own Tanner Goods to emboss their belt and key fobs with some beautiful imagery inspired by the tattoos upon Jay's hands.  Made of beautiful English bridle leather veggie dyed to the rich tone you see above and sewn together with contrast stitching and matching black edge dye.  They are limited items and can be found at the Ace Hotel here in New York.  Get them while they last.


Carl said...

Love the leather!

Mohka said...

The keyring's a nice touch.

Chris said...

Interesting post, thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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