The Rig Out III

Oi Polloi drops their newest issue of The Rig Out in just a few days and it seems to be their best one yet. The Rig Out III is everything you'd expect from such a great publication but somehow, someway better. Let's have Oi Polloi speak for themselves...

"This issue sees The Rig Out documenting the Norwegian wilderness, with record-breaking cyclist, James Bowthorpe strutting (or should we say cycling) his stuff in some of the smartest garments money can buy.

Elsewhere in the issue there's a heavy Italian influence, with the the Paninari' of Milano '84 setting the precedent style-wise and Oi Polloi filling in the blanks, bringing things up to date in their own unique way.

The format's been improved - more pages, better binding, nicer paper stock. The 'interweb' may well be embedded into our daily routines - but isn't it nice to have The Rig Out stick an inky finger in your virtual day-to-day?

As aforementioned, issues one and two of The Rig Out talked the talk, but in this third issue they walk the walk. Apart from James, he rides his bike..."

Pick yours up soon from The Nepenthes Store here in New York or from Secret Forts and the A Continuous Lean store online.  Your call on how you get it, just get it.

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