Steez Biting: Saddle Shoes and Sand

Found this picture (didn't have to search too hard) on Secret Forts and fell head over heals for the dirty saddle shoes.  I've always been a fan of wearing shoes to the beach, especially my vans.  The fine grain sand works as a pseudo baby powder and will keep my shoes from falling into the evil grips of the stank.  Everything else from the slightly oversized shirts to the length of the shorts just appeals to me.  So, when it comes to my next visit to the beach either here in New York or back home in L.A. you'll catch me in this exact outfit (J. Crew blue or gray chambray, Woolrich brown corduroy bush shorts and a pair of Mark McNairy New Amsterdam pigeon saddle shoes) , and if I'm lucky I'll have a beautiful girl holding my hand as well.

The Nitty-Gritty: It's Better In The Wind

Who:  "My name is Scott Toepfer, a photographer who currently finds himself in his home town of Los Angeles, CA.  I've spent the last few years of my life testing the waters in many different cities, finding my way through this country both personally and professionally, to end up right where it all started.  I try to focus more on content over the medium, and will use different films or digital processes depending on what the project or assignment calls for."
What:  "My current project, It's Better In The Wind (, is definitely the most ambitious project I've undertaken in the last 5 years.  It's a journey, in the literal and metaphorical sense I guess, and revolves around a group of motorcycle riders traveling through the Western United States.  We are immersed within the elements, taking in what we can, and trying to find some disorder in the modern social architecture.  The project is being shot on black and white film, with the occasional color roll or polaroid, just to keep things interesting on the road."

The Countdown: Mad Men

The premiere date for the newest season of Mad Men, season 4, has finally been announced and like the last three seasons I can't wait for this to begin.  The year will be 1964 starting just after where the last season ended in December of 1963 with the assassination of President Kennedy and the formation of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.  We can see from the key art the direction they are headed with the new season but I am interested to see some new costumes for the season.  As we can see Don Draper ditched the all too recognizable gray suit for a dark navy suit but keeps the white french cuff shirt and skinny tie.  Janie Bryant (if you are out there reading this I'd love to get an interview) is the costume designer for the show and does an absolute phenomenal job at it.  She even designed a Mad Men inspired suit in collaboration with Brooks Brothers.  So hold tight, having waited since November 8th I think we can wait another 22 days.

Style Icon: Jean-Paul Belmondo

As one of the key players in the Nouvelle Vague movement and the favorite of Jean-Luc Godard, Jean-Paul Belmondo is the epitome of French 60's style and the effortless cool.  A white oxford, slim pants, driving mocs and a cigarette dangling from his mouth at almost every second of the day, possibly the addition of a fedora and a sports coat.  This roll-out-of-bed-and-grab-the-shirt-from-the-night-before style was not the only reason that Belmondo was seen to be so stylish though.  His unwavering confident attitude he exuded that barred the line of pure cockiness was.  His breakout movie, Breathless, represented the rebelious undertone of the 60s attitude while conforming to the very dernier uniform that the show Mad Men* seems to subscribe to that made Belmondo so famous during the Nouvelle Vague movement. 

*I am not discounting the quality of Mad Men in any way.  In fact, wait till my next post to see my excitement for the next season of Mad Men.