Pendleton Factory Rhythms with One Trip Pass

"Last month, right before the Costal Caravan got on its way, Charlie Bishop gave us (Jay Carroll and Jou-Yie Chou) a tour of his families’ 100 year old woolen mill near the Oregon/Washington boarder. The mill is a massive structure, a labyrinth of raw wool, spools of thread and machinery, some equipment being as long as a football field. Bishop walked us through the entire process, from the sorting of raw wool to cutting and finishing the fabric. There are rooms dedicated to vat dyeing, rooms with machines that are constantly weaving, and rooms blanketed in humidity to keep special threads from breaking. I was taken by the rattle and hum of all the different machines, detailed in the video above."

Stanley & Sons

Stanley and Sons, the Brooklyn based apron and bag company, have been under the spotlight a lot lately.  Their handmade aprons and bags are top notch each made by hand using antique Singer sewing machines and a hammer.  Each item is sewn using deadstock fabric or repurposed vintage bags and hand riveted with nothing more than a hammer and elbow grease.  Chris Grodzki and his one employee, Lindsey, make each and every bag in the Stanley and Sons Brooklyn basement studio.  So each bag is a very time consuming process, which is obvious by their 3-4 week wait time.  But if you don't want to wait you can find their aprons and bags at Hickoree's Hard Goods (online and at their Upper West Side J. Crew pop-up), Luddite, Quality Mending Co., Steven Alan, Bows + Arrows and Mohawk General Store.

A Coastal Caravan Commodity | OTP x Ace Hotel x Tanner Goods

Being on the East Coast at the moment means that I was not able to enjoy the wonder that was the One Trip Pass + Ace Hotel Coastal Caravan that happened at the end of last month.  So, I am left with discovering items from the event as they happen to appear at the Ace Hotel or online somewhere and this is definitely one of my favorites.  The tattoos that adorn the body of Jay Carroll have been slowly but surely popping off his skin and appearing in some rather unusual mediums lately.  One Trip Pass has commissioned (collaborated's up to you what you call it) Portland, OR's own Tanner Goods to emboss their belt and key fobs with some beautiful imagery inspired by the tattoos upon Jay's hands.  Made of beautiful English bridle leather veggie dyed to the rich tone you see above and sewn together with contrast stitching and matching black edge dye.  They are limited items and can be found at the Ace Hotel here in New York.  Get them while they last.

Breakneck Ridge | Fjällräven x Cold Splinters

Fjällräven, an outdoor brand out of Sweden, and Cold Splinters, a favorite blog of mine, have joined forces to bring you a series of 8mm, only fitting, 2 minute films on how to get to the hiking spots of New York without the convenience of a car.  So, grab your Danner boot, Nalgene bottle, and Orvis socks, take the two minutes to watch this video and then head for Grand Central.  You won't regret it.

The Rig Out III

Oi Polloi drops their newest issue of The Rig Out in just a few days and it seems to be their best one yet. The Rig Out III is everything you'd expect from such a great publication but somehow, someway better. Let's have Oi Polloi speak for themselves...

"This issue sees The Rig Out documenting the Norwegian wilderness, with record-breaking cyclist, James Bowthorpe strutting (or should we say cycling) his stuff in some of the smartest garments money can buy.

Elsewhere in the issue there's a heavy Italian influence, with the the Paninari' of Milano '84 setting the precedent style-wise and Oi Polloi filling in the blanks, bringing things up to date in their own unique way.

The format's been improved - more pages, better binding, nicer paper stock. The 'interweb' may well be embedded into our daily routines - but isn't it nice to have The Rig Out stick an inky finger in your virtual day-to-day?

As aforementioned, issues one and two of The Rig Out talked the talk, but in this third issue they walk the walk. Apart from James, he rides his bike..."

Pick yours up soon from The Nepenthes Store here in New York or from Secret Forts and the A Continuous Lean store online.  Your call on how you get it, just get it.