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For all of you who, unlike myself, are still in Los Angeles enjoying the 70/80 degree weather this week has to offer go see Shutter Speed.  The first in a series of events by The Selvedge Yard's JP at Secret Service LA chronicling the photographic work of Scott Pommier with a supplementary film by Toast.  The reception is tonight from 7.00pm to 11.00pm.  Not enough notice?  Then go to the "Steve McQueen Ride at The Brite Spot tomorrow at 10.00am.

With sponsors like East Side Moto Babes, Glory Sales & Service, A Time to Get's Nick Maggio, Planet Salon and Secret Service LA they will definitely bat a thousand.  Someone get something for me to live vicariously through, please?


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jeremymcbride said...

I hear ya’ talking sister. I was a definite rebel in my time. And what’s my favorite movie besides To Kill A Mockingbird? Cool Hand Luke. If it’s on, I’m watching it. In my “church” today, the subject was about honoring those who’ve come before and their legacy. You’ve done that for your country here and I get it. To see more info please visit

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